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safe (1457957)artist:pony-berserker (462)princess luna (89242)trixie (57248)twilight velvet (3495)oc (539560)oc:cobalt (188)pony (723355)unicorn (215160)clothes (365812)comic (92202)complaining (90)court (71)crown (11365)dialogue (52308)eyes closed (69924)floppy ears (42199)flower (18961)i can't believe it's not idw (299)jewelry (40912)judge (76)look-alike (62)looking at each other (13196)magic (59106)magic blast (787)male (266886)not trixie (48)quill (2243)regalia (13088)shirt (17809)stallion (76576)telekinesis (21497)tongue out (78165)trotting (1129)window (6183)writing (992)


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