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‘Senpai snuggled me!’

safe2040990 screencap272579 moondancer5714 twilight sparkle340508 alicorn287040 pony1394157 unicorn475944 amending fences1378 season 53030 bipedal45411 bush4003 clothes581956 crying52109 cute245386 daaaaaaaaaaaw6098 dancerbetes443 duo132987 duo female22703 eyes closed126434 feels1644 female1661571 floppy ears66970 friendship1562 glasses80787 happy40434 heartwarming743 hind legs476 hug34797 smiling350375 sweater18030 sweet dreams fuel1954 table11762 tears of joy3185 turtleneck1835 twiabetes14322 twilight sparkle (alicorn)141849


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