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Random emo OC number 6 to be background filler at some point.

This one requires a bit more backstory to it, as I made a whole new species for it. I hypothesized salamanders in FiM universe to be much like IRL salamanders, but with their mythical fire-inspired lore, so instead of IRL salamanders that need to stay moist and live in damp areas, FiM salamanders need to stay dry and live in hot areas, preferably fire and lava, water will kill them. Their skin is dry to the touch and very warm, like holding a mini portable heater. Usually harmless, but can spit fire or lava if threatened, or make themselves very hot.

Salamaander ponies are similar, dry arm skin, love fire and lava, are excellent lava swimmers, hate water and the cold. Their hide allows you to strike a match anywhere on it, tho they probably won't be too happy. Like dragons, dragon hybrids, and their animal cousins, they too can spit flames, tho it will never be as intense as a dragon flames, and this is often not much more than if you turned on a lighter.

As for this guy, he learned early on that he can spit out colored flames if he put drops of food coloring on his tongue, and this by itself was entertaining enough, but he wanted to go farther, so he started filling up fireproof tubes with his colored flames, sealing them, and waving them around in dark areas, as this proved to be rather enjoyable and pretty looking. He started doing this for other ponies and showing off, eventually getting invested in going to lots of parties and raves, making himself fit the look. He refuses to sell his creations, but he does give them away sometimes, tho he is rather stubborn about this, and would much prefer to brag instead. His glowsticks don't last forever, and fade out within a couple days, so he's constantly making more.

So these OCs aren’t anything special, just thrown together ideas that don’t mean much. If, for some reason, anyone likes these OC designs and wants to use them, sure, you can, just let me know, but be warned I’m still gonna use them for stuff.
safe1587876 artist:lightningbolt840 derpibooru exclusive24505 oc610100 oc only409617 oc:effervescent glow1 hybrid15462 original species21932 pony859755 .svg available7613 chains4439 choker9723 clandestine industries116 clothes415337 cobra starship45 cutie mark42331 ear piercing22312 earring18412 emo705 glowstick675 grin33479 happy28075 hoodie12461 jewelry53167 male331212 necklace15875 open mouth125568 piercing35684 raised hoof39492 safety pin182 salamander pony1 shutter shades207 simple background349712 smiling218532 solo983523 spiked choker1271 spiked wristband1079 stallion94545 svg3221 transparent background181408 vector71386 wristband3208


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