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Like all snakes, he doesn't have external testicles, and his dicks retract entirely when not in use for a smooth profile. He doesn't have a cloaca, however, he has a separate slit that works like an anus a couple of plates behind his genital slit. Since he's still part pony, his dicks have a telescoping medial ring that ponies do, tho the rest of his dicks don't resemble a horsecock very much. Since he has two, both are smaller than the average dick, but size is hardly important when you have two.

His fangs have a tendency to drip venom whenever he's aroused and dripping precum. He likes to bite when he gets like this too, his venom stings a little, but mostly just makes you feel intoxicated. It's not dangerous or deadly by any stretch of the words; unless feeling drunk is really unpleasant for you, you'll be perfectly fine after a few hours. His bites don't inject venom unless he's aroused. He's always on top, and if he's not, he'll find a way to be in control. He's dominant, but he's a lot more intimate than you'd think, tho he'll fuck anypony tho, his only preference is if they're hot to him, which most tend to be in some way.

I have no idea why I feel the compelling desire to write backstory of Gabe every time I make him, all two times. I just really like his design, and hybrids are fun to play with.

Real cobras (and all snakes in general) have weird-ass dicks, so I just made something up that looked reptilian to me and not entirely unfappable.

Now I just need to make him fuck somepony and bite them. :v
explicit319218 artist:lightningbolt840 derpibooru exclusive24505 cobra131 hybrid15463 original species21932 pony859784 snake pony542 .svg available7613 clothes415346 cobra hood11 cobra starship45 dripping4688 fangs21881 forked tongue926 gabe saporta43 genital slit327 grin33480 hair over one eye8232 hemipenis467 hood1165 hoodie12461 hybrid penis390 lidded eyes27292 long tail2032 male331223 medial ring4281 messy mane7175 multidick862 nudity335098 penis138373 ponified38458 precum9414 raised hoof39496 reasonably sized genitals1698 scales924 shirt21731 show accurate11451 show accurate porn6127 simple background349721 sitting55940 slit eyes3990 smiling218538 socks57755 solo983533 solo male24099 stallion94550 svg3221 tongue out92007 transparent background181411 undershirt325 vector71386 venom234 zipper700


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