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Like all snakes, he doesn't have external testicles, and his dicks retract entirely when not in use for a smooth profile. He doesn't have a cloaca, however, he has a separate slit that works like an anus a couple of plates behind his genital slit. Since he's still part pony, his dicks have a telescoping medial ring that ponies do, tho the rest of his dicks don't resemble a horsecock very much. Since he has two, both are smaller than the average dick, but size is hardly important when you have two.

His fangs have a tendency to drip venom whenever he's aroused and dripping precum. He likes to bite when he gets like this too, his venom stings a little, but mostly just makes you feel intoxicated. It's not dangerous or deadly by any stretch of the words; unless feeling drunk is really unpleasant for you, you'll be perfectly fine after a few hours. His bites don't inject venom unless he's aroused. He's always on top, and if he's not, he'll find a way to be in control. He's dominant, but he's a lot more intimate than you'd think, tho he'll fuck anypony tho, his only preference is if they're hot to him, which most tend to be in some way.

I have no idea why I feel the compelling desire to write backstory of Gabe every time I make him, all two times. I just really like his design, and hybrids are fun to play with.

Real cobras (and all snakes in general) have weird-ass dicks, so I just made something up that looked reptilian to me and not entirely unfappable.

Now I just need to make him fuck somepony and bite them. :v
explicit (295542) artist:lightningbolt (745) derpibooru exclusive (21902) cobra (107) hybrid (13040) original species (19875) pony (766957) snake pony (458) .svg available (7056) clothes (377010) cobra hood (12) cobra starship (36) dripping (3773) fangs (19119) forked tongue (757) gabe saporta (33) genital slit (298) grin (29754) hair over one eye (7445) hemipenis (480) hood (1028) hoodie (10923) hybrid penis (363) lidded eyes (21169) long tail (1801) male (276905) medial ring (3481) messy mane (6200) multidick (798) nudity (309404) penis (127603) ponified (36097) precum (8571) raised hoof (34464) reasonably sized genitals (1659) scales (760) shirt (18527) show accurate (8182) show accurate porn (4853) simple background (310990) sitting (49362) slit eyes (3397) smiling (194401) socks (52249) solo (915968) solo male (22106) stallion (80844) svg (3020) tongue out (81183) transparent background (162188) undershirt (269) vector (68929) venom (223) zipper (595)


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