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Has a little sister named Attacus.

Lymantria really loves applying makeup, to himself and other ponies, he hopes to have a job in a beauty parlor some day, or really any sort of career related to makeup, it's his passion. Likes to grow his mane out, he finds it compliments makeup really well. Very huggable, he often gets requests from other ponies to be hugged, and unlike his sister, he loves it, and enjoys every hug. He's a bit sensitive however, and cries very easily, he doesn't hide this either, and his makeup is often running, which he finds to look cool anyway. A bit of a hopeless romantic, he often dreams about having a future partner so they can make each other up. Sometimes mistaken for a girl, doesn't really mind it, mostly hangs out with mares anyway.

Design and color scheme was based off the Pokemon Mothim. Shiny one tho. You can't see his CM but it's two hearts with wings.

Both of them have proboscis tongues, also lots of fluff cause fluff is nice.

safe (1488731) artist:lightningbolt (745) derpibooru exclusive (21902) oc (558014) oc only (380624) oc:lymantria (3) mothim (4) mothpony (874) original species (19875) pony (766952) .svg available (7056) antennae (365) clandestine industries (106) colored sclera (506) ear fluff (19840) emo (644) eyeliner (791) eyeshadow (11420) femboy (7083) fluffy (11982) frown (20402) hair over one eye (7445) hoof fluff (755) long mane (2638) long tail (1801) makeup (15415) male (276900) neck fluff (544) pokémon (7932) proboscis (20) raised hoof (34464) running makeup (1796) simple background (310978) slit eyes (3397) solo (915957) stallion (80843) svg (3020) tongue out (81183) transparent background (162184) vector (68929) wristband (2621)


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Background Pony #3855
Such an adorable mothboy <3

Does he use that tongue thing to drink necter out of flowers :)