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Has a big brother named Lymantria.

Attacus loves piercings and gets a new one every few months, she hopes to one day have them in pretty much any conceivable place on her body. Lucky for her, she knows how to apply them herself, though she only really does this to other ponies, usually just ears, but she hopes to do more with this skill in the future. Cuts her mane a lot, hates when it gets stuck in her piercings so she prefers it short and out of the way. Unlike her brother, she can't stand hugs (unless they're from him) so she started wearing spikes as a teenager to deter hugs, it works pretty well. She has anger problems, and struggles not yelling at other ponies for small mistakes, or kicking them for it, but she's working on it. Sometimes mistaken for a dude, finds it pretty neat, hangs out with mostly stallions.

Design and color scheme was based off the Pokemon Mothim. She likes piercings, a lot.

Both of them have proboscis tongues, also lots of fluff cause fluff is nice.

safe (1487113) artist:lightningbolt (743) derpibooru exclusive (21871) oc (557113) oc only (380127) oc:attacus (1) mothim (4) mothpony (874) original species (19847) pony (765548) .svg available (7048) antennae (364) choker (7872) clandestine industries (106) colored sclera (506) ear fluff (19785) ear piercing (18262) earring (15393) emo (644) eyebrow piercing (607) female (811664) fluffy (11963) flying (31466) glare (7791) grin (29711) hair over one eye (7438) hoof fluff (749) jewelry (43000) lip piercing (805) mare (366770) neck fluff (543) nose piercing (1897) piercing (30410) pokémon (7926) proboscis (20) reverse trap (104) safety pin (167) short mane (670) short tail (702) simple background (310443) slit eyes (3384) smiling (194061) snake bites (152) solo (915032) spiked choker (1027) spiked wristband (907) svg (3018) tongue out (81053) transparent background (161900) vector (68875) wristband (2616)


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Background Pony #7A65
She looks more like a butterfly pone then a moth pone

Still an adorable bugpone <3