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safe (1030988)artist:cascayd (24)oc (321885)oc:crosswind (23)oc only (252959)oc:starswirl (14)adorkable (1503)blushing (96545)crush (240)cute (82456)female (328009)glasses (26549)implied straight (3820)male (94314)offspring (12651)parent:flash sentry (726)parent:rainbow dash (1817)parents:flashlight (637)parents:zephdash (23)parent:twilight sparkle (2398)parent:zephyr breeze (159)pegasus (79104)pigtails (1511)pony (345905)shipping (110797)simple background (148840)spread wings (22917)straight (75501)unicorn (72464)wingboner (5438)wings (13370)younger (9341)


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