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safe (1108083)artist:cascayd (79)oc (364216)oc:crosswind (45)oc only (285275)oc:starswirl (22)adorkable (1659)blushing (108067)crush (256)cute (93417)dork (1784)female (408016)glasses (30506)implied straight (4023)male (126034)offspring (16304)parent:flash sentry (1036)parent:rainbow dash (2318)parents:flashlight (912)parents:zephdash (48)parent:twilight sparkle (3218)parent:zephyr breeze (249)pegasus (98306)pigtails (1797)pony (400861)shipping (121387)simple background (182603)spread wings (26217)straight (82742)unicorn (94998)wingboner (5731)wings (19648)younger (10379)


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