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safe (999241)artist:cascayd (9)oc (306528)oc:crosswind (12)oc only (240679)oc:starswirl (8)adorkable (1453)blushing (92795)crush (249)cute (78357)female (298876)glasses (25337)implied straight (3592)male (80489)offspring (11523)parent:flash sentry (645)parent:rainbow dash (1695)parents:flashlight (575)parents:zephdash (14)parent:twilight sparkle (2174)parent:zephyr breeze (135)pegasus (73244)pigtails (1446)shipping (106415)simple background (137606)spread wings (21923)straight (72564)unicorn (64743)wingboner (5307)wings (11469)younger (9026)


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