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safe (1171700)artist:cascayd (114)oc (397296)oc:crosswind (52)oc only (302263)oc:starswirl (29)adorkable (1789)blushing (118265)crush (271)cute (103218)dork (1923)female (497326)glasses (34081)implied straight (4161)male (177170)oc x oc (7991)offspring (19957)offspring shipping (457)parent:flash sentry (1317)parent:rainbow dash (2939)parents:flashlight (1148)parents:zephdash (60)parent:twilight sparkle (4071)parent:zephyr breeze (319)pegasus (118669)pigtails (2032)pony (454047)shipping (129518)simple background (210020)spread wings (29638)straight (88109)unicorn (120539)white background (49268)wingboner (6101)wings (25792)younger (11153)


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