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Alternate scene interpretation.   (´• ω •`) For the HQ version of this picture be in at least the $5 patreon slot before the…
suggestive (82327)artist:lumineko (2308)fluttershy (148921)rainbow dash (166983)rarity (126367)spike (51815)my little pony: the movie (10123)spoiler:my little pony movie (10125)biting (1773)blushing (108067)crying (27813)dragon (17694)female (408015)glare (5862)gritted teeth (6493)male (126033)mare (168075)open mouth (62663)parody (13056)pegasus (98305)pony (400861)scene parody (665)shipping (121386)shivering (1416)smiling (113162)sparity (4933)straight (82742)tail (6629)tail bite (400)tail pull (1225)teary eyes (805)unicorn (94998)wavy mouth (1961)wide eyes (10859)


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