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Spike: dragon in a world of ponies, number one assistant to the testifiably insane Twilight Sparkle, close acquaintance of whatever Pinkie Pie is, and friend to all monster ponies and yōkai. He has seen all and experienced all. The strangest monster pony trait imaginable was outdone last week by Pinkie Pie at a barbecue. Any and all monster ponies are welcome to visit him, for a book, for help, or even just to chat, on the condition that they are not malicious in intent.
safe (1484924) artist:badumsquish (1771) derpibooru exclusive (21824) spike (70780) oc (555785) oc:nagaidesu (8) dragon (42225) original species (19784) rokurokubi (28) youkai (114) book (28321) carrying (1847) dialogue (53921) duo (42370) female (809808) golden oaks library (4212) holding (2044) impossibly long neck (160) lifting (432) long neck (795) male (275788) neck (84) ponytail (14001) prehensile neck (12)


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Background Pony #D729
"Everypony's normal until you get to know them"
True enough, and it also applies to non-ponies.
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Background Pony #A59B
So what you're saying is that Spike is the TRUE Princess of Friendship.
Background Pony #7697
@Keith Mowz
Rokurobi instead strangles Spike to death because it's supposed to be a dark joke. Why's everything got to be fetishised nowadays?
Background Pony #BC1A
"Are your intentions malicious?"
"My intentions are delicious."
"…I'm not sure if that's better or worse."
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@Background Pony #BD3B
It was like these:

…combined, and triggered by a sugar binge :P

It's a yoga book written for extra-jointed monster ponies, Blossomforth, and Pinkie Pie :P

She just gets it rough because she has really bad social skills too :P

@Background Pony #0DC1

@Background Pony #320D
@Background Pony #13E3
Lol oops, I guess there was more on that layer than I thought :P
Gimme either a few seconds or a few minutes, depending on whether I deleted or just hid the layer :P

He's a supreme candidate for it :D

@Background Pony #320D
She's doing it right now. She went in and asked for some books on making friends and getting a date, and then she accidentally did the neck thing. Rather than going into freak, Spike just calmly realized she could lift him to the books with it faster than he could reach them with the ladder, and recommended the yoga book as well. Cue dialogue XD

She's a rokurokubi, a monster pony with a prehensile flexible neck that can stretch to incredible lengths.

Yeah, he more or less did this with Thorax. It took nothing beyond a single show of goodness on Thorax's part for Spike to give him the complete benefit of the doubt and start helping him :P