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“Clover! I need you! Fetch my fainting couch!”
”Here, Princess! I take it the summit didn’t go well?”
“Those other tribes are impossible! I, for one, can no longer bear to be anywhere near those lowly creatures. The unicorns are noble and majestic. We will no longer consort with the likes of them!”
”Did you try any of the political strategies I gave yo-“
”Oh, I feel simply horrid! I need relief! Fetch me some tea! And my bathrobe! Oh, and my hooficure kit too, if you’ll be a dear.”
”Yes, Princess…I’m not your servant.”
”Hm? What was that?”
”Nothing, your Majesty, I’ll get right on it!”

Continuing with the Hearth’s Warming play, we have the unicorns! I know some of you suggested casting Jewel and Dusk for the roles, but I felt Primrose and Moonstone were the better choices. Plus, I was trying to steer away from casting the Mane 6 kids in their parents’ exact roles.
Like Platinum, Primrose is a true princess—high class, very particular about seemingly superficial issues, and probably a little spoiled. She would whine and demand all kinds of comfort items in times of “minor” crisis. Like Clover, Moonstone is a magical scholar, always looking to share her knowledge and gain even more. And, as the daughter of rock farmers, she’s a bit fed up with those prissy Canterlot fillies who don’t know what hard work is—like Primrose. Moonstone adds a lot of snark to her role, but both unicorns play their parts really well!
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