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safe (1289200)artist:jowybean (772)bright mac (803)pear butter (1641)accessory swap (1418)brightabetes (12)brightbutter (571)couple (3284)cowboy hat (8160)cute (121946)daaaaaaaaaaaw (1924)duo (30852)earth pony (113321)female (633606)flower (15477)flower in hair (4399)happy (19879)hat (53986)male (214379)mare (270621)pearabetes (146)pony (565727)shipping (145311)signature (12266)stallion (58312)straight (97973)tree (18828)


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Professor Fluttershy's avatar
Professor Fluttershy

(Previously known as Fluttershy the Naturalist)

The Naturalist
The joy emanating from this piece is exuberant through its smiles, bright colours, and simple art style, as if Pear Butter and Bright Mac were always around and didn’t cease to be, yet the contrary is true, so I can’t help but feel sorrow be the shadow of this piece’s joy. Then again, the sorrow is a priori to one’s knowledge of Butter and Mac while the joy is a posteriori, so this piece, and other joyful depictions of Butter and Mac, is marred by an inseparable sorrowful subtext, if the viewer knows of Butter and Mac’s fixed absence. Digression aside, I love the romantic setting consisting of a forest, a light shining on the subjects, and the flowers in the background and on Pear Butter and how happy Butter and Mac are in this piece. If not bittersweet, it’s bright and very romantic~♡
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Background Pony #191E
Damn it. It’s pictures like these that really, REALLY make me want to see a slice of life episode featuring the Apple parents when they were alive (after they were married).
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Background Pony #5F88
I wonder if this is after they found out that they were going to become parents for the first time?

No matter what, it’s cute.
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