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Original Picture: >>826648
safe (1289201)artist:greenbrothersart (15)artist:silfoe (1427)color edit (5577)edit (78935)princess cadance (25898)princess celestia (76970)princess luna (81680)twilight sparkle (237344)alicorn (135532)alicorn tetrarchy (902)colored (13594)cute (121946)cutedance (528)cutelestia (2241)eyes closed (57927)female (633608)group hug (516)hnnng (1791)hug (19959)lesbian (71995)lunabetes (1977)missing accessory (5792)momlestia (828)movie accurate (532)shipping (145312)sisterly love (186)smiling (155864)snuggling (5856)true love princesses (25)twiabetes (6379)twidance (227)twilestia (2217)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (88905)twiluna (1480)twilunestiance (51)winghug (2090)


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