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After watching the Equestria Girls movie, shorts and specials, one of the characters I hated other than Twilight Sparkle is Trixie Lulamoon. Yes! Yes! Trixie has a last name, but it wasn’t spoke out loud in the any of the videos. I create this comic battle to teach Trixie a lesson for messing with Sunset. Let’s see how the "Great and Powerful" Trixie go up against a creature that reminds her of Starlight Glimmer. Trixie meet Starlight Glimmer’s Stardust Dragon! Whoa, one blast of Cosmic Flare and Trixie’s defeated? And since that attack was so strong, it send her flying towards the music store where she was buying her guitar. So much for "Great and Powerful"! And based on her blushing and pouting, I think her classmates heard of her humiliation and they’re laughing about it. Now who’s the loser? Trixie!

Also, I like to call this moment, PAYBACK! For 3 things: 1- Messing with Sunset’s emotions involving jealousy and rage. 2- Trapping the Rainbooms, especially Sunset, in the basement of a stage. 3- When the Mane 6’s memories have been altered, Trixie continues to remind them of Sunset’s past actions which cause them to fear and hate her more.

If Trixie is real, I wanna give a punch in the face! Let’s see if she’s Great and Powerful in combat?

I do NOT own Konami or Hasbro Studios.
ONLY the idea!


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