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here’s Flora the fairy of nature from Winx Club in Equestria Girls style
i used this base: Everfree Fluttershy Base 04
and i used one of the wings: Magix_wings_set
safe (1143710)artist:selenaede (558)artist:user15432 (375)equestria girls (114711)boots (11153)clothes (257573)crossover (44172)dress (26258)equestria girls-ified (4627)equestria girls style (88)fairies are magic (27)fairy (357)fairy wings (97)flora (18)flora (winx club) (5)gloves (9728)hasbro (1546)hasbro studios (327)human (104871)humanized (77590)jewelry (19995)necklace (7220)rainbow s.r.l (28)shoes (12636)winged humanization (6564)wings (23050)winx club (117)


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