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safe (1457956)artist:skorpionletun (209)oc (539563)oc:midnight chastise (39)oc only (370747)anthro (205669)unguligrade anthro (38198)anthro oc (25866)armor (19296)ear piercing (17456)earring (14769)female (785077)flail (76)jewelry (40911)midriff (16633)piercing (29240)shield (1835)simple background (298914)solo (893969)unconvincing armor (938)weapon (23621)white background (74557)ych result (12659)


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I guess the midriff gives easier movement. But if you’re going to wear so much armour, you’re going to be slow anyway, and your midriff be targeted.

Heck, it’s still sexy.
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