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safe1601295 artist:fallenangel5414170 gallus6075 ocellus4774 silverstream5531 changedling7551 changeling42134 classical hippogriff4573 griffon24780 hippogriff8597 school daze2632 abstract background12404 chest fluff33520 cute183760 diaocelles974 diastreamies1139 fangs22297 featured image803 female1273743 floppy ears47188 gallabetes810 grin34021 leg fluff2630 lidded eyes27729 looking at you149902 male338820 raised hoof40098 shy3702 smiling221298 smirk11354 spread wings49022 squee1923 sweet dreams fuel855 trio7617 wing fluff1470 wings84471


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Background Pony #2DE2
It's like a family picture with two happy parents and one daughter who a little embarrassed of her parents.
Background Pony #D1AF
Why does Ocellus look like her supposed friends next to her kicked her puppy?