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safe (1430808)artist:badumsquish (1727)derpibooru exclusive (20342)oc (525934)oc only (364538)oc:puddles (1)amoeba (5)goo pony (1589)monster pony (2188)original species (18378)pony (699370)water pony (23)colt (11245)core (16)freckles (20554)implied quarter hearts (2)interspecies offspring (5298)looking at you (120687)male (258443)offspring (28801)parent:morpha (1)parent:quarter hearts (16)smiling (183510)the legend of zelda (2741)the legend of zelda: ocarina of time (55)water temple (5)

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Seeing how Tremble eventually got along with lil’ Quarter Hearts, I wonder what she’d think of this. :D
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