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safe1636729 artist:badumsquish1876 derpibooru exclusive26491 oc641242 oc only425956 oc:puddles1 amoeba6 goo pony1830 monster pony3272 original species23102 pony901734 water pony32 colt14041 core16 freckles26753 implied quarter hearts2 interspecies offspring6615 looking at you156345 male350217 offspring36159 parent:morpha1 parent:quarter hearts17 smiling229595 the legend of zelda3511 the legend of zelda: ocarina of time228 water temple6


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Seeing how Tremble eventually got along with lil' Quarter Hearts, I wonder what she'd think of this. :D
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Daft thing is I literally fought Morpha on Ocarina of Time 2 hours ago.
(Then did the Gerudo Fortress bit where you have to save the carpenters. Don't know if a bunch of scantily clad warrior women with really pointy noses would interest the crowd here…)

Seems like you're having fun with this one Badum.