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safe1589538 artist:foal69 scootaloo49370 smolder6752 spike75340 terramar677 dragon48947 hippogriff8429 pegasus244983 pony856625 seapony (g4)3702 blank flank7081 claws4587 cloud27547 colt13447 comic102374 dragon wings518 dragoness6850 fangs22422 female933688 filly59988 hooves16452 horns4799 hug25701 look-alike73 magic66583 male310544 not scootaloo64 ocean5450 open mouth125045 ponified38700 ponified smolder14 ponified spike277 species swap18373 tail20067 tail hug236 tail pull2028 transformation9900 wat18712 winged spike7232


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26 comments posted

Biggest loser
Scoot has twins that she never knew after being given up by her parents to live a better life, the prophecy says she'll reunite and they find their mom, SCOOTALOO UNDERGROUND
Background Pony #B1D3
So this is why Scootaloo and Smolder are never seen together in any episode. Because Scootaloo is secretly Smolder!