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safe (1520036) artist:yakovlev-vad (417) applejack (155082) earth pony (180117) pony (796270) bed (34246) bedroom (7648) behaving like a cat (1776) cheek fluff (3897) chest fluff (29789) cute (166716) ear fluff (21079) eyes closed (75378) face down ass up (6796) feather (4898) female (845349) floppy ears (44633) iwtcird (881) jackabetes (4834) majestic as fuck (1113) mare (386310) meme (76493) morning ponies (1315) open mouth (115607) pillow (14425) silly (6793) silly pony (2783) solo (938025) stretching (1937) underhoof (44871) window (6751) yawn (1251)


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Background Pony #3717

That reminds me of posting on some message board years ago that was so censored that they would actually edit posts to replace "WTF" with "WTH". I think it was the official Nintendo boards. This would have been like 12 — 14 years ago.
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Background Pony #4D77
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