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safe (1520074) artist:graphene (291) fluttershy (193048) rainbow dash (213532) pegasus (222063) pony (796301) clothes (389142) coat (2314) cute (166723) daaaaaaaaaaaw (2907) dashabetes (7465) eye clipping through hair (3700) eyes closed (75380) female (845395) friendshipping (426) hat (72011) hnnng (2177) hug (24307) mare (386327) ponies riding ponies (2007) scarf (20184) shyabetes (10715) smiling (201737) snow (12189) snowfall (4102) sweater (12565)


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Philomena Contributor
Word Bug
Or post images to your site cropped down by 10 pixels in both dimensions, then when someone posts here, you can post your full sized one and crush their loyal insolence!

I'm joking, of course. People post your stuff so quickly either:
A) because they love your work and want to share it
B) because they love your work and made a bot to share it
C) they are inserting subliminal messages in your images

That said, this is adorable! Now please excuse me, I must go buy a copy of Catcher in the Rye.
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