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safe (1395476)artist:rockset (145)sunset shimmer (48971)equestria girls (154582)adorasexy (7240)anime (3361)apron (3137)backlighting (832)bare shoulders (1183)beautiful (3461)breasts (195590)busty sunset shimmer (3586)choker (6830)cleavage (26579)clothes (344549)cute (142188)dress (33832)female (726709)high res (16826)indoors (1426)lidded eyes (17585)looking at you (116272)looking down (4998)maid (4594)minidress (67)sexy (17547)shy (2908)smiling (176533)socks (47616)solo (857288)standing (7648)thigh highs (22526)uniform (7306)zettai ryouiki (1405)


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Ghost of Zeon's avatar
Ghost of Zeon
Sunset smiles at you in the cure out fit then pulls a hand gun from her between her breasts and says "Papers please."

Lol sorry the joke popped in my head reading the comments that her out fit was German and remembering that in girls frontline the tdoll Gr G36 has a vary similar out fit I had to make the joke.
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Musumet's avatar
Jeg er en tæve
Shimmy you are as sweet and beautiful as ever

Rockset your art is Untouchable and unique to perfection

I love the smile of Sunset is the typical smile of a beautiful anime girl that one likes
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