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Man, it’s been a wild ride, hasn’t it? From /co/ to /mlp/, Ponibooru to Derpibooru… I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have at least some fun.
But…I can’t handle it anymore. Waiting for new stuff feels like a heart attack waiting to happen. I’m always worried about what people are going to say or do, and I’m sick of it.
That’s why, for the sake of my mental (and possibly physical) health, I feel like I have to divorce myself from this community now. I want to enjoy things on my own again.
I know I’m basically some literally who, but I still wanted to give a proper farewell.
I have plans to post non-pony drawings on Newgrounds and Pixiv if you’re still interested in my art. Whether I’ll draw ponies again or not I’m not sure yet.
Take care, everyone.

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Always sad to see an artist leave us here, but if the enjoyment of the fandom is waning maybe it’s time to move on.

All the best wherever your future art takes you.
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