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I’d like to think that Spike knows about Smoulder’s secret.
safe (1289194)artist:jellynut (8)smolder (2669)spike (60103)apron (2863)baking (503)blushing (135360)book (23489)bowl (961)clothes (311395)dragon (27738)dragoness (3209)duo (30852)egg (2513)female (633604)flour (192)friends (391)gem (3444)gradient background (7396)male (214374)shipping (145311)smiling (155862)spolder (86)straight (97973)winged spike (2376)


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@Background Pony #7915
Wither it is the same colors or not, they likely chose this color scheme because the colors compliment each other and don’t strain the eyes to look at.

It’s a nice color scheme, and the fact that she is a different species from the character who originally had this pallet, I think this is kind of a trivial issue to have.
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Background Pony #7915

That she’s a terrible recolor of Scootaloo? or that her voice is WAY more irritating than Gilda’s?
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