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While Applebloom and Stone Mane were having their reunion in Dream Realm

, another pony was having her own dream adventure in my Equestria dreamscape.

Twilight looked in the full length mirror at herself. The violet unicorn tilted her head from side to side as she critically assessed her outfit and appearance. The Element of Magic was wearing a tightly cinched corset of violet so deep it almost looked black. Accompanying the corset was long hoses of matching deep violet on her front legs that were held up with garters. Hoses of similar color were held in place by garters and belt on her back legs.

Using her levitation she adjusted one of the garters on back leg of her. She slid it back and forth slightly until she was satisfied with the presentation. Once everything met her approval she closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Okay. We’re ready. This is what we we’ve studied and received instruction for

. She opened her eye and looked at herself mirror one last time and smiled. This was her final exam. This would prove that she’d taken the lessons to heart.
The young mare stepped away from the mirror and left the bathroom and stepped into Celestia’s bedroom. The Princess of the Sun was lying on her bed. She made approving noises as unicorn entered the room.

"Well, well. Twilight dear, you look amazing this evening. Is that an outfit that your teacher Petina picked out for you, or did you chose it yourself?"

Twilight came to a stop in front of her mentor and struck pose. "I picked this one out myself, but I must confess that Rarity gave me some advice when I was assembling this outfit for tonight." She grinned at the Princess of the Sun. "So you find this satisfactory your Highness?"

The white alicorn gave her student a smoldering stare. "Well the cover of this book has piqued my interest, but now I want to know if the content are just as exciting as the cover?"

The unicorn giggled, this was all part of scene. She slowly began sashaying around the room as she spoke. "Well your Highness, are you interested in some late night reading?"

Celestia grinned and slowly waved a front hoof gesturing Twilight over. "Yes I want to do some reading between the pages."

Remembering her lessons with Petina, the mare slowly sauntered over and began to climb onto the bed. As she did Celestia rolled on to her back. Smoothly Twilight climbed on top of Celestia and straddled the alicorn’s pearl white barrel. Settling into new location she looked into the princess’s amethyst eyes.

"Shall we begin?" Twilight growled this as she squeezed the much larger pony’s barrel with the inside of her back legs.

Celestia reached out with her front hooves and pulled her student student down toward her. Twilight closed her eyes as she settled into the alicorn’s embrace and felt warmth of the princess’s body seeps into her. Twilight nuzzled into the shimmering white coat. She breathed in the scent of her teacher and ruler. Her nose was filled with the scent summer flowers, sandalwood, and rainwater. With eyes still closed she reached hungrily out for her lover’s lip.

Twilight’s eyes snapped open. She was lying in her own bed with the covers pulled up around her head. This was the second time in a couple of months she’d had dreams like this. She racked her brain for an explanation until sleep once again claimed her an hour or so later.

To be continued.

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