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suggestive (109851)artist:dimwitdog (1627)princess celestia (81979)alicorn (156504)anthro (194879)areola outline (121)bed (30002)bedroom (6315)big breasts (54369)boob window (880)breasts (195589)busty princess celestia (7615)chest fluff (24602)cleavage (26579)clothes (344546)curvy (5006)dialogue (47572)erect nipples (6655)eyelashes (2971)female (726697)fingerless gloves (3186)gloves (13736)hair over one eye (6724)hand on chest (221)high res (16826)indoors (1426)latex (8280)leotard (3539)lidded eyes (17582)long gloves (3221)long hair (2651)looking at you (116264)mare (318571)nipple outline (4834)sexy (17547)sitting (44505)skintight clothes (574)socks (47616)solo (857276)solo female (152785)spread wings (39734)stockings (24719)stupid sexy celestia (1172)talking to viewer (1393)thick (2418)thigh highs (22526)thighs (4070)thunder thighs (4726)unguligrade anthro (36185)wide hips (11358)wings (49594)


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16 comments posted
Hey, I gotta ask. If you use photoshop to make pieces like this, what brush do you use to shade? And do you use other tools as well (not including erasers)?
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