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safe (1289203)artist:magnaluna (813)princess luna (81680)alicorn (135538)alternate design (1158)angry (16442)badass (2177)chest fluff (20716)curved horn (3876)ear fluff (13703)ethereal mane (2895)eyeshadow (7966)fangs (14494)female (633612)floppy ears (35247)frown (17226)glare (6818)glow (2897)glowing cutie mark (226)glowing mane (237)glowing tail (13)gray background (3762)gritted teeth (7958)hoof fluff (279)horn (14628)jewelry (29620)leg fluff (917)looking back (35725)makeup (10824)mare (270623)nightmare luna (273)pony (565729)raised hoof (26800)regalia (8952)shoulder fluff (834)simple background (251432)slit eyes (2226)solo (791214)sparkles (2801)starry mane (1414)wing fluff (794)


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