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safe (1396198)artist:tcn1205 (256)apple bloom (42254)applejack (144129)babs seed (5326)big macintosh (24613)cookie crumbles (741)granny smith (4449)hondo flanks (391)rarity (153566)sassy saddles (798)scootaloo (45569)sweetie belle (42757)equestria girls (154673)bare shoulders (1186)beautiful (3466)clothes (344754)cute (142270)dress (33846)eyes closed (65301)female (727387)freckles (19145)human (127684)humanized (87066)jackabetes (4057)jewelry (36607)kissing (19490)lesbian (79150)love (3656)marriage (814)necklace (11704)pony coloring (2390)raribetes (3523)rarijack (5857)shipping (159493)sleeveless (2271)wedding (1029)wedding dress (1276)


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16 comments posted
Background Pony #6E0E
Saying "I don’t ship it" even if you like the artwork is backhanded compliment to the artist who, in case you haven’t noticed clearly ships Rarijack. Imagine putting so much work into a piece of art depicting your favorite ship and then some random asshole on the internet says "I don’t like this ship you like, but your artwork is great!" It might sound like a compliment, but it feels very backhanded.
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Kagura Kuroko
nope, no need. Both their families are cool with it here…

Look, it’s okay to dislike something that other people might like, but don’t be a troublemaker about it, and think that everyone who disagrees with you is wrong. If you’re not into Rarijack, or even into shipping period, that’s fine too. Just let us go our way, and you go yours.
Background Pony #B301
Seeing your family and friends together on such a special day for them is very beautiful
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