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Slytherin-Rui's avatar
Clop is life
@Darth Shy
Yeah, i’m totally with you there! I can totally see Sunset and Starlight in Slytherin because how ambitious, resourceful and determined they are. But, Rarity…
I feel like she’s more Ravenclaw because Ravenclaws are known for being eccentric (that’s Rarity, not as much as Pinkie, though), creative (that’s totally Rarity), and of course wise and intelligent. I’m a Slytherin myself which means i will have a lot of fun with Sunset and Starlight! <3 :D
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Background Pony #CF0C
@Background Pony #D1B8
Heck, Sunset definitely belongs in it by your definition. All the times she threatened and was even going to bodily harm without a second thought. And this was after the friendship lobotomy.
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Background Pony #D1B8
Starlight is the only one that makes sense. She is a sociopath.
Rarity, makes no sense.
Sunset, yeah pre-friendship lobotomy but definitely not her personality after it.
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Dashie41 YT

(Previously known as the metal bronyhead)

Negan Guy
For the leaders
Celestia Luna Gryffindor
Cadence Shining Armor Ravenclaw
Ember Thorax Hufflepuff
Queen Chrysalis King Sombra Slytherin
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