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Clop is life
I love that Pinkie is a Gryffindor even if other people say that she’s more Hufflepuff. Even others say she’s a Ravenclaw! Well, i say that Pinkie is a Gryffindor because she IS brave and daring. Like, she even enjoys scary stuff like they would never hurt a fly! She laughed at the scary faces of the trees while the mane 5 were screaming and running in terror, in season 1. She even was excited to experience the spooky cave with the Apple family etc. So yeah, Gryffindor! :D
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Cute Stallion Maid
She also has drive to improve and succeed, which are antithetical to Hufflepuff, sooooooo… :3
…I’d say she’s where she belongs. With us Gryffinbros. ^^
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