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I looooooooved Wreck It Ralph and when I saw 's MLP pony designs, I just had to make them! I love how she did them! Check them out there!

Unfortunately, I have the other three baked, but I'm actually in the middle of moving, so I simply just don't have the time to frost them. Shoot, and I really wanted to post all of them at once. Oh well. Soon! I guess it wouldn't be so weird with her looking down here, since she's supposed to be looking a honey-glowing Felix.

Wreck It Ralph belongs to D*sney
Baked with permission! MLP design belongs to the lovely

They taste like sugar and friendship! Get your very own over here at my Etsy Shop!

I'm currently in the process of trying to recreate every character. If you would like to see your OC as a cookie, message me!


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