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artist’s description:

hi al!!
Following the March 30 special, today it’s time to see the landscape, Sunset!
In future plans, I want to make Starlight in a cruise outfit … if there’s a demand, I’ll do the drawing ..
Anyway, i hope you like this drawing!! – Cheers!
you can support me in patreon ONLY if you want, remember its not obligation!
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15 comments posted
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Brony Rick
Is it ironic that this is a spring break special that will air after spring break? I mean at least it’s somewhat better than airing a Christmas special before Halloween.
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@Nephilim Rider

done D: →
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Nephilim Rider
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An Artist Who Rocks - 100+ images under their artist tag
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A total nephilim brony!
Your art is cool as always! Do your best in try to make it all 7 before the special.
You done rainbow, pinkie and fluttershy and now sunset.
Do your best with twilight and applejack with rarity. And why not, starlight :)
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Lonely Fanboy48
I hope she’s gonna has a role involving her friend Twilight about being a pony and stuff. Believe me I know there’s a reason why she’s going to Equestria for the 3rd time in a row.
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