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I’m in denial…
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Bat Pone Fan
I’ve said this a few times before, but what I’m hoping happens is that they’re just stepping down from actively running the country. They’ll still be around to keep the day/night cycle going (and possibly, in the case of Luna, watching over ponies’ dreams), be a public face for the government, and advising Twilight and Co. on running the government (a. la. the British Royal Family).
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Poses the question though, are they just stepping down from running the Kingdom but still doing their duties like raising the sun and moon (and in the case of Luna, watching the dreamscape).

They seem like duties that others would struggle to do or not do at all. Hell, Luna just got back from exile, she could still continue to help whilst Celestia steps down first.
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Please be sent off in style. Please be sent off like a boss.

I don’t care how it builds up to it, just end it in a great way.

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