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A Fluttershy mothpone i drew the otherday for 30minute challenge! I think I missed the deadline though :P
safe (1343541)artist:pabbley (2008)fluttershy (174092):3 (3299)30 minute art challenge (7958)bush (1547)chest fluff (22746)cute (132481)ear fluff (15418)female (682736)fluffershy (25)fluttermoth (16)moth (266)mothpony (790)original species (16837)rosy maple moth (15)shyabetes (8245)smiling (167617)solo (827377)species swap (14329)


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Joseph Raszagal
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Emily Brickenbrackle III
More Fluttermoth is always a good thing. It doesn’t hurt that the rosy maple is literally perfect to ponify, what with its colors and whatnot <3 .
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