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18 comments posted
Background Pony #38C1
She was played by Emily Blunt who did really good but I wouldn’t say she was the BEST character in my opinion capper and captain ceolano were my favorites and of course Pinkie Pie was too.
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Background Pony #D275
This shall me my daki. And I shall be the one to have the first one!! It has been foretold!
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TempFizzle's avatar
Draw More Tempest
God I want to lay with her. To hug and squeeze her butt while smelling her feminine smell. To run my hands down her legs and grab her hooves and fold them together making clip-clop sounds.

I bet she feels so warm cuddling with and I bet she kisses great too. Just imagine how soft, yet thick her mane is. I’d pull her socks off and ravish those hooves so evily I’d accidentally create a new law of raping hooves with ones tongue.
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Background Pony #E78A
I love beautiful girls with muscles, because I myself don’t have any xD
Muscles are good, they provide a soft surface during cradling and cuddling.
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