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Applejack slowly walked over Autumn Blaze and sat down on the bed. The kirin’s face was still covered with a pinkish blush. The farm mare took a moment and undid her tail wrap and then wrap on her mane. With a toss of the head her mane burst forth like a waterfall of gold. Then she smiled at Autumn.

"Autumn. I want ta say I’m so happy ya came here ta see me. Yer a good friend and a fine mare."

"Thanks Applejack. I, I hope my request to sleep with you hasn’t offend you?"

The earth pony shook her head. "It’s okay Sugar Cube. In fact I think this will be fun."

Slowly a smile across the kirin’s face.

Sweetie Belle grumbled in frustration and disabled the auto-focus on the camera. The dumb thing kept focusing on the window frame and not what she wanted it to. Using the manual focus she snapped off a couple of pictures.

Applebloom was still lying on her sleeping bag on clubhouse floor. She gave the unicorn filly the stink eye. "Really Sweetie. Can’t ya give them two a bit of privacy?"

Sweetie looked back at her friend. "Oh I’m just collecting some proof that the operation was a success for my big sister. What better proof than a couple photos!

"Yeah we’re collecting intel!" Chimed in Scootaloo. She’d joined Sweetie at the window and was peering through the binoculars. "And we’re definitely getting some!"

"Such as?" Growled AB.

"Well your sister doesn’t wear a bra when she sleeps!" Sweetie said as she snapped off a couple more photos.

Scootaloo continued peering through binoculars. "Oh yeah. And either your sister never turned on the furnance in the house or she’s really happy Autumn is sleeping with her, because she’s got some really perky–"

Applebloom put her pillow over her face. "TMI girls!"
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Who wears a bra to bed anyway? Any woman I know who has ever even discussed the matter says letting the girls out is one of the best things about (a) coming home or, if one has children in the house, (b) bedtime.
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