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safe (1506001) artist:mkogwheel (762) applejack (153965) earth pony (174213) pony (782765) animated (88414) apple (13846) applebutt (3304) applejack's hat (4554) blushing (165180) bouncing (3376) butt jiggle (63) cowboy hat (11796) cute (163804) featureless crotch (5707) female (830475) food (56301) frame by frame (986) gif (26341) hat (70972) jackabetes (4736) looking back (45455) mare (377554) open mouth (113576) plot (68471) rear view (8802) smiling (198366)


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"Badonk-a donk. Badonk-a donk. Badonk-a donk."

And now you are saying it in time to the gif as well.