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safe (1360762)artist:evehly (747)fluttershy (175715)king sombra (11312)oc (494288)angry (18231)beard (2452)behaving like a dog (1034)belly fluff (101)chin fluff (118)clothes (333547)colored wings (3785)colored wingtips (1260)couch (5542)cute (136300)duster (615)ear fluff (15982)facial hair (3530)female (697269)floppy ears (38986)fluffy (10918)frown (18608)glare (7346)hoof fluff (538)horses doing horse things (1021)leg fluff (1512)levitation (7927)magic (53783)maid (4434)maid headdress (200)male (236024)mare (304215)missing accessory (6263)pegasus (168747)pony (637383)prone (19504)shedding (27)shipping (154140)shyabetes (8499)simple background (273435)sleeping (18267)sombradorable (86)sombrashy (263)stallion (65442)straight (103727)telekinesis (19008)underhoof (39181)unicorn (179176)unshorn fetlocks (17375)white background (67274)wing fluff (1124)


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Pinkie Pie's Panzerfuchs
Am I the only one who thinks this maid has a French accent? ;-)

Besides, Sombra won’t hurt her. Good staff is hard to find these days. Otherwise she would wear a helmet long ago. ;-D
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