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Background Pony #8103
Overly analyzing is one of this fandom’s egregious strong point. One character appears on-screen that looks similar to another character, they go full on gravity falls detective mode.
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If she steps out from behind the cart and has legs up to her neck, we know that it’s Principal Celestia at her summer job.
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Wallet After Summer Sale

Not only is she shorter, her head shape is different, and her breasts are smaller. If this was just recycled assets, she’d have the same head. It’s not even the same head that most of the other students have. It’s unique. That means this was deliberate.

Think about it. This Celestia isn’t a princess. She’s a principal. She lives a normal everyday human life. She has time to go out and meet people. She’s probably married. It’s very likely that they’re implying that this Celestia has a daughter.
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Background Pony #24BE
Princess Celestia is thousands of years old, the odds that she has only one Counterpart to exist at the present only, makes no sense. This same short has a young Luna as well. So there are multiple copies for those with long lifespans, a new Link and Zelda for each Generation.
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