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"Pactolus, her streams of Gold.
In dark and mournful times of old, did once a hopeless horror hold…"

"When from her sacred vale did spring, with Gale and Gust: a monstrous thing!
His name: Auster, the Storm King."

"His storm Bloomed across the land, and none who dared and fought; could stand
'gainst the Iron Tyrants' hand."

"A palace grand, a fleet maintained, such mighty works born of his reign.
Built by slaves, their hearts: in chains…"

"But seasons change, and tyrants die, his fury spent in times-gone-by.
The Storm slept beneath Aeolai…"

"By Satyr hands, he has been taken!
By Satyr voice, he has awakened…"

"Gather heroes, sound the drums."
The Storm King Comes…
The Storm king Comes…"

- "Wake of Auster" quoted from the tome of Abyssinian and Zebra Proverbs.