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Page 1203 – Peace Trotter

If that’s not the premise for a grossly absurd grimdark fanfic yet, I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

DM: Aaaaaanyway. I’m sure you wouldn’t… well, not all of you want to get into the minutiae of fantasy-grade-school life…
Ocellus (TS): Oh, I wanted to ask about core classes versus electives…
DM: But there is one important facet that I want to emphasize. All eyes are on the School of Friendship in its first year of operation, not least of which from the pony side of things. The presence of the five foreign students is under intense scrutiny. There are ponies who are fearful about the effects of sharing the secrets of friendship power with other nations. And the leaders of those nations are directly concerned with the well-being of the students who have been sent there. If anyone messes up, if anything goes wrong, it’s at best an international incident. And at worst, war.
Smolder (RT): Let’s be fair here. In any other world, "School of Friendship" would sound like a front for indoctrination.
Gallus (RD): The kind of place that has a secret lab in the basement.
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