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Page 1211 — Target of Diplomacy

Inspiration is one of those mechanics where I severely wish I saw it used more frequently by every 5e DM, but I absolutely sympathize with why they tend not to.

DM: Do you voice any of your suspicions out loud, while you've got basically the whole school present?
Smolder (RT): As a matter of fact, I do. "How convenient for you, Cozy, that our Headmare didn't tell us anything and handed the whole school over to you."
DM: There is some murmuring among the other students while Cozy Glow hesitates a moment. And then…
Cozy Glow: Oh, Smolder… I feel so sorry for you! Growing up in the dragon lands, where every creature is greedily scheming and battling each other for dominance and treasure… It must've given you such a defensive view of the world, huh? But remember, you're in Equestria now! We ponies all share and work together to make each other's lives better! And if a pony happens to gain a windfall of power and responsibility… That just means they were the best pony for the job!
Smolder (RT): Greed is greed, whether it's dragon or pony.
DM: …Ooh, nice. Have a point of Inspiration for that line.
Gallus (RD): Dangit, she's gonna get all the free rerolls with her roleplaying, isn't she?
safe1556626 artist:newbiespud1273 edit114726 edited screencap54052 screencap195341 cozy glow5672 gallus5630 ocellus4395 sandbar4546 silverstream5163 smolder6430 yona4365 changedling7132 changeling39134 classical hippogriff4364 dragon46656 earth pony190883 griffon24439 hippogriff8111 pegasus232843 pony827760 yak3749 comic:friendship is dragons1431 angry23495 boop6779 comic100167 crossed arms4080 dialogue58930 dragoness6491 eyes closed78515 female880867 filly58442 flying33769 freckles24797 grin32241 male299452 mare404908 screencap comic4109 smiling210151 smoke2236 stallion90512 student six1400 suspicious332 unamused13381


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