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Page 1212 – Social Sacrifice

Oooh, 1212 get! And now replies in the comments section can properly nest more than 1 layer deep!

Huh? Oh, right, uh… Story Time about infiltrating the villain’s ranks.

Yona (FS): Hold on. Yona don’t understand something.
DM: And what would that be?
Yona (FS): If nefarious plan starts with school takeover, then what is endgame? Fame? Riches? Respect? Something to put on resume? Needs to be big to be worth trouble.
Smolder (RT): Uhhh… Are you saying that… in-character?
Yona (FS): How do I put this…? Yona is not really a subtle creature.
Ocellus (TS): But it’s kinda refreshing!
Gallus (RD): This is SO unfair…
Cozy Glow: HEY, here’s an idea… How about you all help me run the school?! That way you can keep me honest, AND have a say in what the other students get to do!
Smolder (RT): Err, no thanks.
Gallus (RD): Sure, let’s have meetings so you can silence our dissent in private. AND tank our social standing by teaming up with the teacher’s pet. Hard pass from all of us.
Sandbar (AJ): I don’t think Sandbar cares too much about that sort of thing. I’ll take her up on her offer.
Silverstream (PP): <gasp!> So you can spy on her and report back to us?!
Sandbar (AJ): That was implied.
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