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Page 1213 — Riff Max

Playing up aggravation for humor is something I consider part of the job when I'm DMing. It results in a lot more check-ins of "Are you sure that wasn't over the line?" from my good, self-aware players, but I'm almost always fine.

There's a kind of fun from troublemaking and feeling like you're breaking outside the box, so if I can satisfy that need for that kind of fun for a certain kind of player while still remaining mostly in control, I'll gladly play it up for their entertainment.

It also helps that sounding annoyed comes super naturally to me.

In other news: Check it out, I finally made a Show Transcript button for every comic page! It only took eight years of not knowing how CSS works! And the comic navigation dropdown box has little headers for the episodes and intermissions to break up the wall of numbers and titles! I'm on a roll!

DM: <roll>
Cozy Glow: …Grrreat!! You are such good friends to us all, watching out for every creature.
Gallus (RD): Someone has to, since apparently all the adults left.
Cozy Glow: Everybody I see here is so Kind and Honest and Loyal!
Sandbar (AJ): "Thank goodness I don't have a mirror."
Cozy Glow: Running a whole school will be awfully hard alone…
Ocellus (TS): Which just raises further questions as to why you did this…
Cozy Glow: Can I count on each of you to help me?
DM: The crowd of students behind you cheers.
Smolder (RT): Can I join in on the riffing, for once?
Sandbar (AJ): By all means.
Smolder (RT): This filly has a bright future in politics… which means we have to stop her.
Silverstream (PP): Isn't this the part where you complain about the riffs?
DM: Oh no, this character is totally riffable. Go ahead.
Gallus (RD): Well that kinda takes the fun out of it…
DM: I know. Bwahahahaha…!
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