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So many oc updates…so little time.

Misfit: The spirit of Confusion, also Discord's rival(considering they both are in the same magic category), Misfit is younger than Discord. Misfit was friends with discord once before Discord's rise in power but Misfit was a little more nieve than discord due to Discord being better than him. So they had a duel and Misfit lost, turning him into a four armed bunny(along with losing his powers), so now Misfit fled to the everfree forest near Fluttershy's cottage where he salvages food from Fluttershy without her knowing(Due to not being a full on spirit after the transformation, timber wolves are a problem in the forest, Angel helps). Now Misfit waits for the time when he regains his powers and to takes revenge on Discord and anypony whose friends with him. His powers are quite different from Discord, due to him not being a Draconeques Misfit has some limits. Misfit does not have the ability of using magic on objects from affair like Discord, but instead needs physical contact in order to use magic(magic color is blue) so don't let him touch you. So Misfits magic for inanimate objects consist of simply animating them to serve him thus giving them mobility, arms with claws and razor sharp teeth. For living things however is different, Misfit's magic for the living is basically magic that brainwashes you. So if you get brainwashed by Misfit you'll turn into a mindless zombie of sorts, just to make it easy(show you on the next upload of pony oc's along with Misfit's bunny form) your eyes become blue and you'll do regular routines(regular eyes) with a confused drolling face while doing so, then a telepathic message later and you attack anypony that's not a zombie(basically if you seen that Teen Titans episode with the puppet master/king you'll know the pattern). Cure is unknown. Misfit's body parts consist of a rhino leg, Ant arm, Ant eater tongue, bear arm, pony arm, monkey tail(s), fox ear, bunny head and ear, panda torso, and a cutie mark of a question mark. Other body parts are unknown.

Mad Dog: Princess Celestia's General/probably right hoove in whatever in "The Pony" comic series of mine. Mad is known for having the killer instinct for slaying monsters, rumor has it that his first monster was a pet baby dragon, a filly at the time, which tried to eat him(reason unknown) but Mad cheated death by getting on top of it and collapsing the dragon's neck with his bare hooves thus choked it to death. Mad is known for wearing heavy armor while at the same having the stamina to avoid fatal attacks. Mad of course as you can see is know the tester for Celestia's new armor/weapon for the royal guard called "The bee stinger" when once in full development gives the wearer completely mobile protective armor that feels like your not wearing anything and the weapon of choice can easily cut through a tree with ease. The armor is in it's Alpha state. Mad hates Chase and wants to __. Cutie mark is a collar

Harmony: Peace's little sister if you guys don't remember, she has an unknown disease that doesn't affect her entirely but does give off a "whats wrong with her?" vibe. Anyway -→ https://www.deviantart.com/didun850/art/Mlp-royal-guard-oc-Peace-Dove-530687953
Harmony isn't exactly shy when around other ponies she just gets nervous about if she speaks in a certain volume that her sudden coughs will interrupt her then cause the pony to walk away not wanting to get sick. So for now due to her brother being a royal guard in Canterlot, plus being one of the guards that guard Chase's door, the siblings are forced to wait for a transfer to Ponyville were they both dream of living. Of course they do visit Ponyville to buy some sweets from Pinkie Pie, which Harmony idealizes Pinkie for her personality for being yourself no matter what is wrong with you and making those around you happy. Really good flyer somehow, flies like Rainbow Dash but wings move while in the air kinda like scootaloo's.

Can talk to Harmony after two more chapters, let you know in the description.

Mlp Fim Belongs to Faust/Hasbro
Oc's Belong to ME!!!!
safe1575272 artist:didun850368 scootaloo49177 oc604780 oc only409615 oc:harmony52 oc:mad dog8 oc:misfit3 draconequus9011 pony845547 unicorn266061 bust40702 cross-popping veins1335 dialogue60546 draconequus oc1336 eye scar4445 eyepatch2631 female899058 filly59524 flying34326 glowing hands224 glowing horn16658 helmet9951 horn43271 injured3121 male305404 mare415338 reference sheet11033 royal guard7053 scar10439 scootaloo can't fly509 simple background345571 smiling214895 smirk10917 stallion92643 story included7762 sword10605 transparent background179603 unicorn oc4379 weapon27215


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