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another pretty shitty sketch.
Twilight having some stinky fun with her custom-made Anon daki.
suggestive (116283)artist:postnoxious (14)twilight sparkle (265199)alicorn (169686)pony (722435)body pillow (2996)dakimakura cover (18)fart (1721)fart fetish (763)fart noise (553)fetish (30712)gas (326)glowing horn (14038)horn (28443)magic (59049)monochrome (136535)muffled (8)onomatopoeia (2395)open mouth (107324)pervert (197)pillow (13211)sketch (54316)smell (167)solo (893231)sound effects (1148)telekinesis (21458)tongue out (78077)twilight sparkle (alicorn) (104915)

not provided yet


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Keep up the good work! I completely support you!

Well, Anons are made to be stand-ins for everybody. So if you want it to be daki pillow of you, then she is farting on your daki pillow.
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