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(aka. How many images can I squeeze into a small a space as possible)

It's him. The one I've been trying to design for over a year now, yet can never be satisfied with. Felix Genimen. One and only UniKittyBirb-child of Fluttershy and Gilda. (And Discord? Kinda?)

Seriously, I've been trying to design him since before I uploaded A-are you okay? and I've just never been satisfied with it. (Nothing worth uploading, just half-finished sketches) But I think I finally managed to give him a design that I think looks good and fits with what I had planned for his personality


Once upon a time, a timid pegasus and a grumpy griffon decided to give this dating business a try. And then they somehow ended up staying together for years, getting married and starting the process to adopt a child. Well, didn't see that coming.

Anyway, Fluttershy was lamenting to her good friend, the spirit of chaos, over how long they'd have to wait to actually adopt a child. (I like to headcanon that ponies' focus on friendship makes them more inclined to adopt other ponies into their families regardless of blood-relation. This means that most orphans are adopted very quickly -which in turn means that the waiting list to adopt a child is very, very, long.)

Discord decided that the proper thing for a friend to do is to help out, of course. So he grabbed some strands of hair from Fluttershy's comb, yanked some primary feathers from Gilda's wing when she was sleeping… add some magic, chaos, and a bit more stuff, and voilà! A perfect egg, containing a new child for his good friend Fluttershy. Now, all he has to do is put a bow on it and give it to her at her next birthday party. Fluttershy will be so happy, he's sure.

Fluttershy was delighted. So delighted in fact, that when the egg started to hatch right there at the party, she decided to take an impromptu nap. Rude!


-Yeah, since Fluttershy and Gilda expected to have to wait for at least a couple of years before becoming parents, they were extremely unprepared when from one day to the next, they suddenly had an infant son. Fluttershy at least had some experience taking care of baby animals, but Gilda spend the next several months in a constant state of freaking out. She got used to the idea eventually, and they became very close as Felix grew older.

-For some reason, instead of being part pegasus, he's part unicorn? Fluttershy assumes it's either a result of Discord's magic, or an unknown unicorn ancestor of hers.

-Tiny ball of fluff and stripes as a baby. He grew out of the stripes and thought he'd lost the fluff, only for it to return ten-fold when he grew his mane as a teen.

-He's very socially awkward and find spending time with strangers extremely anxiety inducing. It doesn't help that his expressing of emotions tend to be very… cat/bird like, which ponies don't really pick up on. They see a pony face and assume he's gonna emote like a pony. So those interactions go badly, which cause him to be even more nervous when talking to someone, which causes the next interaction to go even worse, and etc.

-He's a huge comic book nerd, something he shares with Twilight Moonstone. They used to spend hours together as kids, discussing and reading comics together. Their friendship has gotten a bit strained after Moonstone moved to Manehattan to attend university.

-He's really tiny. His mane and tail give him the illusion of volume, but he is really small underneath all the fluff.

-His biology is… interesting. Due to his mismatch of body-parts, some of them don't really go well together. Such as pony taste-buds saying "Wow, grass is tasty as heck" while his intestines scream whenever they're fed anything which isn't meat.

-Everyone was shocked when he got his cutie-mark, none more so than Felix himself. Most ponies assume his mark means something that has to do with his parentage, what's with the pony and the bird finding each other, but that… doesn't seem right to him. He can't explain what it does mean, aside from him liking comics and it's a comic, but he knows it isn't that.

-Naked Felix looks really weird, but I wanted to show his anatomy better. Go put some clothes on, you'll catch a cold looking like that.
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