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safe1589468 screencap204130 gallus5900 ocellus4604 sandbar4698 smolder6753 changedling7356 changeling40877 dragon48940 earth pony204150 griffon25107 pony856553 she's all yak1062 amused363 blank stare100 bowtie8717 claws4587 confused4189 crossed arms4281 curved horn5912 cute180940 cutie mark41588 dragoness6850 female933644 folded wings4692 frown21839 horn45028 horns4798 lidded eyes26406 lip bite10507 male310508 pulling609 smiling218575 smirk11094 talons1118 teasing3362 teenaged dragon1300 teenager4373 wings79037


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