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suggestive (118610) artist:tolpain (232) ocellus (3941) sandbar (4142) yona (3989) anthro (210629) changeling (35438) earth pony (166758) pony (763710) yak (3401) clothes (375630) dress (36596) embarrassed (9211) embarrassed underwear exposure (705) photo (68327) sketch (55260) traditional art (102182) unamused (12041) underwear (51737) upskirt (5063) wardrobe malfunction (4132) windy (92) yona is not amused (44)


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4 comments posted
Background Pony #868A
Yona's slide-in reminds me of anime when the guy behaves inappropriately.
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A Clever Message
In a poorly thought through act of shame over her underwear's exposure, Ocellus then used her shapeshifting abilities to make it as though she never had any panties to hide in the first place.