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suggestive129484 artist:tolpain264 ocellus4605 sandbar4699 yona4513 anthro233896 changeling40882 earth pony204191 pony856596 yak3901 clothes414510 dress40013 embarrassed10222 embarrassed underwear exposure776 photo71556 sketch59899 traditional art110691 unamused14014 underwear55764 upskirt5376 wardrobe malfunction4629 windy98 yona is not amused51


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As the sketch of a gust of wind that came along and blew up Ocellus's dress to show her panties to sandbar and yona when the artist posted the pictures on furafinity with an edit of Ocellus without panties when a gust of wind came along and blew up her dress to show her lady bits to sandbar and yona.
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Yona's slide-in reminds me of anime when the guy behaves inappropriately.
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In a poorly thought through act of shame over her underwear's exposure, Ocellus then used her shapeshifting abilities to make it as though she never had any panties to hide in the first place.