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So I'm doing something extra with this. A few months back I was invited for 2020's Fluttercord Week (starting on the 19th of January), where each day there's a prompt to draw for. Needless to say, I accepted the invite, cos, well, how could I not.XD
And after weeks of work all the drawings finished, ready for the week.
So what I decided to do, instead of spamming you guys everyday for a week I'll make this special. So all of my patrons gets all seven drawings one week early and they only became puplic when that week ends. So they patron only for two weeks.
Also adding the descriptions of them that's going to go along side them on DeviantArt, cos some of them needs a bit of an explaining.
They posted here in order, by the way.
Day 4: Tragic/Sad/Angst
"After some time, I realized. Without her, chaos was just not fun anymore…"
When it comes to a sad theme, it's hard not to do the tragedy that is immortality when it comes to this couple.
I thought a lot what would work best and in the end story behind this piece is: Years after Fluttershy was gone, Discord wanted to be turned into stone. After what happened with Rockhoof Twilight refused to help him with it. However, Celestia and Luna didn't. Twilight was still young and didn't felt tiredness of immortality. So they honored his request. And in the end, when Twilight find him, she didn't had the heart to thaw him out.
safe1573481 artist:inuhoshi-to-darkpen806 discord28660 fluttershy197532 pinkie pie203013 rainbow dash219147 twilight sparkle282395 alicorn194882 draconequus8974 pegasus239015 pony844264 the last problem4133 discoshy2500 eyes closed80052 female897551 flower22083 immortality blues561 male304916 older22981 older twilight1117 petrification833 princess twilight 2.01614 shadow3608 shipping183738 statue2094 straight121520 twilight sparkle (alicorn)115039 twilight will outlive her friends74


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I would at least try to find a way to remove his soul from his petrified body, that way he can truly be with her again, forever
Background Pony #11A3
Naybe they should have brought Tree Hugger along too. She's got plenty of experience at being stoned.

Я ломал стекло как шоколад в руке
Я резал эти пальцы за то, что они
Не могут прикоснуться к тебе
Я смотрел в эти лица и не мог им простить
Того, что у них нет тебя и они могут жить.

then I broke the glass
with my bare hands.
to cut all my fingers because
they could not touch your skin;
looked at all those faces,
and couldn't forgive
any of them: they could live,
even though you were gone…
Background Pony #1C30
Twilight has it the worst. Discord would be the only friend of hers who would accompany her after Mane6 and Spike die. And he just can't deal with Fluttershy being gone.