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safe1587820 artist:seamaggie69 derpy hooves48215 pegasus247824 pony859749 animated92944 best pony1269 blue sky119 cute181480 daaaaaaaaaaaw3225 dancing7658 derpabetes2208 do the sparkle198 eyes closed81532 featured image794 female1228236 flapping689 frame by frame3697 grass8441 hnnng2295 looking at you148009 mare427588 missing cutie mark4045 no pupils3540 open mouth125546 outdoors8067 raised hoof39492 raised leg6824 seamaggie is trying to murder us6 solo983481 spread wings48495 sweet dreams fuel840 weapons-grade cute3287 wings81678


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition
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Imperial Panzerfuchs
Dance for us, Derpy! Dance! :-)

I love it. Looking at this makes me happy and puts me immediately in a good mood. (^ _ ^)


That actually fits very well together. ;-D
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It's cute and that's why I voted for it.

Also if we could calm down with the back and forth I would much appreciate it. :)